Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our first blog!


Well, it is about time that we got a blog. We started slow with a website, then an Etsy account, then a Facebook page and now our own blog. I am excited to post about the new and exciting things that we have going on here at Four Black Paws. But I am also excited to post about the awesome things that we are finding from other shops!

(Leila, Gunnar and Cooper, too - *Woof*)


LilPenny said...

I can so relate to the puppy thing. I had a German Shepard mix that was totally destructive. As in chewed up two pairs of glasses that were suppose to have been out of reach. Played tug of war with another puppy with a brand new pair of undies. Managed to escape the yard no matter how many times holes were patched and blocked. And despite the fact she had a playmate, a big yard, plenty of food and water and attention. She was born a stray and despite my best efforts ran away one time too many.

Carole said...

Great photos, beautiful dogs! I have a 9 year old American Eskimo who still does not like male strangers. In some ways this is good in othwer not so good. I condisered getting him a playmate years ago but hubby said "no way"

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