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Monday, August 1, 2011

We're Baaaaacccckkkk! Plus our Fugly Friends review

Whew! What a month it has been! There have been a lot of changes happening but we are back in action and ready to roll.

Be sure to keep a look out at our Etsy site: as we will be adding some new styles :)

In my previous post I talked about how I had just ordered Thomson from Fugly Friends. Let me just say, my boys LOVE him (Leila could care less but she is kid of a fuddy duddy...I love my girlfriend, though!) We received him in the mail a month ago and he still looks great. It is amazing that my two 5 month old pups haven't ripped him to shreds yet :) In the past month they have ripped apart at least 3 toys but not our Fugly Friend, he is still going strong. Thank you, Fugly Friends, for making such awesome toys that our destructive dogs have a little bit harder time destroying!

You can order your own Fugly Friend from their Etsy shop at: (you won't regret it and your fur kid will love you)

Here are some picture that I wanted to share with you of my boys enjoying their Fugly (enjoy the commentary! And if you are confused, Gunnar is black and Cooper is brown):

Gunnar: Momma, this is awesome! It is all mine!

Cooper: Will you please share with me?
Gunnar: Doubt it! Get your own, mooch!

Cooper: Fine...but I get what I want!
Gunnar: Mom, are you watching this?!

Gunnar: This means war!
Cooper: Bring it, Bro! 

Gunnar: Momma, this toy is really delish!

Momma: Well who's gonna get it?
Cooper: Haha, now whatcha gonna do??
Gunnar: Why I otta....

Gunnar: Look, Coop, what's that over there?

Gunnar: Sucka!! Victory is so sweet! 

Thomson, our Fugly, after one month of love. Not too shabby!
P.S. He is a stuffing free Fugly :)


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